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literaryheroine's Journal

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A stamping community to find out which classic literary heroine you are most like!
Où vont les ballons,
Les ballons rouges et ronds
Lorsque les enfants
Ont cassé leurs ficelles ?

Welcome to literaryheroine, a stamping community dedicated to my favorite female characters in literature! This community was created by me because I wanted a stamping community that featured ALL of those women I love reading about, and I hope you will enjoy it too!
Once this community gets up and running, expect to find monthly themes dedicated to those other great women that aren't available for a regular stamp. These themes will focus on characters from different series of books, books by a specific author, or individual novels, as well as other fun, literature-related themes (like a matchmaking theme)!
I appreciate any suggestions/ideas/feedback you might have, and you can contact me at anytime if you have questions, comments or concerns. Your mod is tunnels_of_loce.
Rules & Application

1. Please, do not bash, flame, insult, or be rude to members for ANY reason! This will not be tolerated and will get you banned from the community. It's not hard to be nice!
2. JOIN! You can't do anything here unless you join the community first!
3. Please put all applications under an lj-cut. Don't know how? Find out here!
4. VOTE! Members will not be stamped until they have at least five votes for a certain stamp. You also MUST vote for and provide the links to at least three other applications before you will be stamped yourself. If there aren't any available when you submit your application, please make a note of this and then vote on any that come in after yours. You don't have to be stamped in order to vote.
5. Please BOLD your vote! This will make it much easier for your mod to see them and stamp you!
6. Please be honest when you are filling out your application and voting for other people. Sheepvoting (voting for whichever stamp the person before you voted for) isn't fun for the applicant, and it is also not much fun to read an application that's an obvious push for a character. What is the point of applying if you already know who you're going to get?
7. If you aren't satisfied with the character you were stamped as, you are allowed ONE restamp. If, for whatever reason, you still aren't satisfied with your restamp, then talk to the mod and she'll see what she can do.
8. Just so I know that you've read the rules, please include something with "books", OR "literature", OR "heroine" somewhere in your title! You won't get stamped without this, either.
General rules for themes
1. You MUST have a regular stamp before you apply for any theme.
2. Voting on at least three applications is still required in order to get stamped.
3. Please indicate which theme you are applying for in the title. 4. Same general stamping and voting rules apply.


Stamps, header and icon made by the lovely disneygirl89

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