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26 August 2011 @ 04:50 pm
sisterhood of the travelling pants theme!♥  

Name: Emily
Previously stamped as: You know, it's been so long I can't even remember! =']

~About You~
Positive traits: Bubbly, cheerful, hardworking, fun-loving, friendly.
Negative traits: Insecure, low self esteem, pushover, tactless, lack of common sense.
Likes/interests/hobbies: Writing, reading, swimming, climbing, cycling, days out, sleepovers.
Dislikes/pet peeves: I hate really two-faced and bitchy girls, and plastic girls who think they're stunning and look down on everyone else.
What are some of your goals and dreams? Oh, I have too many, haha. I'd like to be either a writer or a singer, to fall in love, have children, do charity work, travel all around the world and live in a really lovely house somewhere beautiful ♥
How do you feel about love and relationships? I've never been in love and I've only been in one relationship, which was pretty shitty. Still, I might not be qualified to stay this but I just think love seems beautiful; I can't imagine anything more magical and brilliant than being connected to someone else, than having someone who thinks you're beautiful and perfect and who makes you happier than you ever imagined you could be. I might be naive, but I'm not completely stupid; I know love can hurt you, I know it isn't always forever, but I think it seems like it's worth any risks that have to be taken, just to get that feeling.

~This or That~
Realistic or idealistic? Idealistic
Introverted or extroverted? Extroverted
Adventurous or a homebody? Adventurous
Optimistic or pessimistic? Optimistic
By the books or a rule breaker? Depends on my mood XD
Leader or follower? Follower
A tomboy or girly? Somewhere in between.

~You are...~
[x] Creative (ish...)
[x] Imaginative
[x] Intelligent
[ ] Stubborn
[x] Intuitive
[ ] Selfish
[x] Brave
[ ] Reckless
[ ] Resourceful

~Youth is wasted on the young~
What do you do when things don't go your way? Cry XD but other than that - just try and find a way around it, I guess? It's hard to say as it completely depends on the situation...
If someone you loved was in danger, what would you do? Anything and everything.
How well do you respond to stress? Pretty badly really! I have a tendency to freak out, but, on the plus side, it really does motivate me to work hard and do well.
What would you say is your biggest flaw? I'm my own worst enemy; I'm so scared of feeling vulnerable and exposed, so scared of losing control, that I won't properly let people in, stopping me from getting close to people and meaning that I often unwittingly sabotage my own friendships and potential relationships D:

~An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young~
Do you read Young Adult fiction? Why/why not? I'm thinking this is all irrelevant for this theme, rightttt?
Have you read any books on the list of options?
Is there a character you don't think you are like or don't want to get stamped as? I don't think I'm much like Tibby, but I like them all so I don't really mind c:

Is there anything else you would like to add? Nopeeee c:

And because votes are still a must…
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icyfire4w5 on July 12th, 2012 03:10 am (UTC)
I did consider Bridget but she seems a tad too fiery to fit you well. I think that Carmen is the perfect fit for you.