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20 December 2011 @ 04:24 pm
Stamped as Emma Woodhouse // Young Adult Literature  

Previously stamped as:
- Emma Woodhouse (Regular)
- Mark Twain (Author)
- Smantha (American Girl)
- Viola (Shakespeare)
- Youngest Dancing Princess (Fairytale)
- Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter)
- Atticus Finch (Male Character)
- Charles Bingley (Matchmaker)
- Emma Woodhouse (Jane Austen Heroines)
- Carmen (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)
- Wendy Darling (Children's Literature)

~About You~
Positive traits: I'm very aware of people's feelings and such.I'm fiercely loyal to those I love. I'm not a nosy person and I don't push something when it's obvious someone doesn't want to talk, part of that being because I read people pretty well. I'm always trying to look on the bright side of situations, even when others find them to be completly hopeless. I'm pretty funny at certain times, too. It's only once in a while that I act funny, but when I do it's hilarious! (Hahaha, at least I'd like to think I'm pretty funny...)
Negative traits: I do not like to work. At all. Sometimes I can get fairly bossy, and it annoys a bunch of my family members all the time. I can get annoyed pretty easily. Just a little slip can set me off, even if it's meant to be just a joke. I can also be blunt. Like really blunt. But I try to not hurt people when the subject's sensitive... But my biggest problem is how I always have to have approval from other people. Just a little criticism, even constructive criticism, can ruin my entire day... But I'm putting effort into changing that trait :)
Likes/interests/hobbies: Well I love writing and reading... I like looking through magazines of both games and fashion because I can just be a huge contradiction like that XP I like being alone and I also like chilling with people I care about... Oh and video games, watching Comedy Central... If I'm being honest it's really hard for me to absolutely hate something *nodnod* I like doing most things :D
Dislikes/pet peeves: I hate having the door to my room open when I'm in it. And you know the numbers that you see whenever you turn up the volume? I can't stand it when that number's odd. And I dislike humorless people and backstabbers too.
What are some of your goals and dreams? I love the idea of being a journalist or a psychologist. I mentioned that I like writing, so I wanna be able to use that in my work... The ideal is reviewing games but I'd be happy with writing for magazines and such. And psychology is truly interesting since it shows the motivations of humans. People can be truly fascinating to me so getting an insight into the human brain is pretty interesting :) But honestly... All I REALLY want for my future is to be happy ♥
How do you feel about love and relationships? I think they're a very important and necessary part of like ♥

~This or That~
Realistic or idealistic? I guess idealistic with moments of realism..?
Introverted or extroverted? A mix of both, honestly... It's one of those things where it really just depends on my mood, ya know?
Adventurous or a homebody? I usually prefer being a homebody, but if the right people are around me I become more adventurous :)
Optimistic or pessimistic? Optimistic. Yes. I've annoyed people with my optimism XD; But even then I have my pessimistic moments.. Really though. Who doesn't?
By the books or a rule breaker? Pretty much always by the book, and not cuz I'm "respectful" like that... It's usually because I'm a bit scared of getting in trouble X)
Leader or follower? I'm the type that could both lead and follow. I really don't mind it when someone else is in charge but if there's no one who's willing to step up I'm more than willing to take the lead :)
A tomboy or girly? A contradiction... Because I'm both lmao.

~You are...~
[/] Creative
[X] Imaginative
[/] Intelligent
[X] Stubborn
[ ] Intuitive
[/] Selfish
[ ] Brave
[X] Reckless
[ ] Resourceful

~Youth is wasted on the young~
What do you do when things don't go your way? Get incredibly annoyed.
If someone you loved was in danger, what would you do? I'd freak out for a while, look for some help if I can and if no one's in the immediate area I'll attack the source of danger.
How well do you respond to stress? I actually do better under stress... Cuz stuff actually gets done X)
What would you say is your biggest flaw? My need for everyone's approval

~An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young~
Do you read Young Adult fiction? Why/why not? I do~! I just... Really like them :)
Have you read any books on the list of options? I have :) I read the Twilight saga (and have since grown out of it), The Hunger Games, and a Series of Unfortunate Events (not all of them).
Is there a character you don't think you are like or don't want to get stamped as? I don't care for Bella, but if she's the best fit I guess vote for her...

Is there anything else you would like to add? Not really... Thanks for voting~! ♥

And because votes are still a must…
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Casting Crowns Fan!!!!!salveevery1 on December 22nd, 2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
Maia Moomoosmiles on May 21st, 2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
Mia with some Violet.

Edited at 2012-05-21 06:30 pm (UTC)
icyfire4w5 on July 12th, 2012 03:04 am (UTC)
I wanted to vote Katniss Everdeen initially based on some of your answers, but I doubt that she is a homebody, so I vote Mia Thermopolis instead. I can imagine Mia as a journalist or a psychologist.